Table buying guide

If you are thinking about buying one of our farmhouse tables but aren't sure what options to go for the following ideas may help.


Lots of our customers wonder about what size table to go for a general rule to follow is:

3' tables seat 4 people

4' table seat 4 people

5' tables seat 6 people

6' tables seats 6-8 people

7' tables seat 8 people

8' tables seat 8-10 people

10' tables seat 10-12 people

Factors such as the size of your chair can alter this slightly but this gives a very handy guide.

Like all of use extra space around the table can be handy on occasion (though not all of need a 8' table all year round!), consider opting for extending leaves that can be stored under the table (on our bigger tables) or stored in a cupboard (on a smallest tables). This is a great option if you don't want a table to take over your room.

Need a little storage?

Our drawers give the tables a useful additional storage space and lots of our customers find these a very handy addition.


Choose from traditional wax or the more contemporary wax and painted legs/skirt look, this is a great way to inject some personality into a room. We can paint in any colour so go as wild as you like or opt for more subtle colours that blend with your scheme.

If you have looked everywhere but can't find what you would like, please get in touch we make a lot of custom tables and can make to your specs.

We're always happy to help, if you have some queries that you would like answered before answering please get in touch here.

farmhouse table

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