Farmhouse chairs and tables

Our farmhouse chairs and tables have been made by us for over 30 years. In this time we have seen our customers opt for different finishes,even gold leaf, but the style remain the same.

Our customers love the versatility of the wood, meaning that when your tastes change you don't have to get rid of your farmhouse table and chairs you can just change the finish. This works out cheaper in the long term and means you don't have to compromise on quality.

When we first started making tables all the of them were finished in a choice of different waxes or lacquers. Over the years customers have moved away from lacquers and shiny woods and now opt for waxed or/and painted.

Painting legs and skirts means that you can put a bit of your personality on your furniture by opting for a colour that really makes your house a home. We can also wax or paint the chairs to match. Some of the nicest sets we have seen are when customers are for nice vibrant colours on the chairs, this really lifts the furniture and takes a traditional piece and gives it a modern twist.

A popular look is to have a mixture of chairs and benches, with the bench painted to match the table, this adds a wow factor to the home and so many of our customers come back to tell us how many of their friends comment on their dining furniture,

To order or to discuss an order please ring one of our team on: 0333 577 5155.

Farmhouse table and chairs

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