Sunshine in Cornwall

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week in Cornwall (it's made us feel we are somewhere exotic) and with lots of trips to the beach and woods after work Cornwall certainly has been a great place to be.

There has been a happy, relaxed atmosphere at the factory, with lots of our workers having a sunbathe at lunchtime and our production levels have increased! Lots of our customers have been very pleased and surprised with the turnaround from ordering to dispatch (not the 8 week wait that other companies quote) with a few special requests going through a lot quicker.

The sunshine has obviously affected our lovely customers this week too as lots of brighter paint colours have been ordered on the legs and skirt of each farmhouse table. If you need a table by a certain date or would like some information on our custom made tables please call us on: 0800 046 1057 where you will speak to the lovely Tamara, Amanda and Hannah who are always happy to help.

sunny Cornwall

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