A beautiful distressed 10' table

We've recently sent a huge 10'x3' farmhouse table with a distressed look to our lovely customer Caroline who kindly sent us a picture and the following feedback:

Hi Hannah

Yes very happy indeed! It's magnificent and strokeable (not a word I know) at the same time. Did feel sorry for the delivery guy running so much behind when his car broke down and having to deliver all tables y himself.

We've already put it to good use and I'm looking forward to hosting many dinner and drinks.

I have attached two pics but I will send some better ones in a week or so.

I actually have two questions. Can you tell me the exact colour you've used for the legs so I can paint two stools in the same colour?

Also is there a way to store the extensions underneath? I thought I read that somewhere but we can't figure it out.


If you are interested in one of our farmhouse tables please get in touch on: 0800 046 1057 or visit our shop here.

Large farmhouse table

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