A beautiful 5' farmhouse table made from oak. This is not a cheap import but handmade by our local craftspeople.


It is a gorgeous and substantial table that is made to last and available in any size.


The legs as standard will be square and give the table a lovely modern look and if you want to customise the table you can choose to have the legs and skirt painted in one of our standard colours for £60 or in any colour of your choice for an additional charge, add oak leaves for £130 per leaf or an oak drawer for £100. 

5' x 3' oak farmhouse table

  • Quick info

    • 0.77m high.
    • 0.9m x 1.5m.
    • Extending leaf gives approx 12" of extra space and are £130 each.
    • Drawers are an additional £100 each
    • Painting legs and skirt £60 for our standard colours
    • Made in the UK.
    • As we make these ourselves we can make any size.
    • The table comes with the legs unattached for ease of delivery. These are very simple to put back on.
  • How many people will this seat?

    If you're wondering what size table to buy but are unsure how long you will need the table, please use this as an approximate guide (chair sizes can differ).


    Table size Seats
    3' 4
    4' 4    
    5' 6
    6' 6-8
    7' 8
    8' 8-10
    10' 10-12