Care guide for your table

Our tables are made from solid pine or oak and as such is a natural material. You may experience movement of the wood or minor cracking, this is completely normal and is due to the wood acclimatising to your house, your house may be drier or more humid then the wood is used to and it will adjust to this.

We recommend that tables are not dragged but lifted into place, this prevents damage to the area and the table.

Depending on your choice we finish the furniture with a wax, oil or paint.

We recommend that coasters and place mats are used to protect the table and that spillages are wiped up immediately. Rings can occur if coasters are not used.

Waxed wood needs periodical waxing depending on what wear and tear it receives.  This is not as labour intensive as it sounds, only the top need be done with a clear wax whilst following the instructions on the tin.  If a coloured wax is applied the furniture colour will subtly change over time.  If the table is never re-waxed or oiled the colour may fade and splits may occur.

As wax furniture does absorb dust particles and grease from finger tips and such like, there is lots of advice on the internet on how to remove marks and how to keep your table in pristine condition.

If you require any further info please do not hesitate to get in touch.